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Education & Learning

At Mission Health, we encourage students to get involved with exploring health care professions throughout their academic career. We offer multiple educational opportunities to let students experience the variety of health care careers while receiving hands-on experience and working closely with Mission Health professionals.

Our internships vary based on the department. Check with your school or college/university career center to see if your educational institution has an affiliation agreement with Mission Health in your field of interest or select one of our programs below for more information.

Nurse Graduate Program

The Nurse Graduate Program is an individualized orientation, usually twelve weeks, in a single nursing department. The program is designed to facilitate new graduate nurses' entry into practice and the transition from an academic to a clinical setting.

Mission Possible: The Prequel

Mission Possible: The Prequel is a collaborative venture between Mission Hospital and western North Carolina Middle Schools to provide middle school students the opportunity to explore health care careers.

Mission Possible:

Asheville City Schools & Buncombe County Schools
Mission Possible is a collaborative venture between Mission Hospital and Asheville City Schools and Buncombe County Schools designed to ensure student success by providing academic enrichment and employment opportunities for high school students in a health care setting.


Students enrolled in educational programs who are interested in learning more about health care or health-related careers. Observation lengths vary by department; however, they are generally one-day or up to 8 hours.


Internships provide students the opportunity to utilize their education, knowledge and experiences acquired during their undergraduate or graduate programs in a health care setting. At Mission, students gain practical experiences and an opportunity to enhance skills through active participation and involvement, direct exposure and engagement in a variety of functions. Students will work closely with department leadership and other staff members to prepare for a career in health care. Students enrolled in degree-seeking educational programs may apply for non-clinical internships.