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Worker's Compensation & Liability

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation is a benefit employers give their employees for injuries that happen on the job. You must let us know at registration if your treatment or visit is due to your work injury. Our registration staff will need the date of the injury, the address and phone number of your employer, and the name of your worker's compensation plan. You must bring your worker's compensation information when you come to your physician's office and the hospital. If you do not have this information available at the time of your visit, please call us at (828) 213-1500 or (800) 848-8732 and provide the information as soon as possible. Also, the registration staff will need to see your insurance card in case your worker's compensation plan denies the claim or pays only a portion of the charges.

Liability (Personal Injury)

You will need to provide your health insurance card as well as information about your liability carrier. Your physician's office and the hospital will determine if your liability carrier or your insurance carrier will both be billed or whether only one or the other will be billed. If you are only covered by your liability carrier, it may be determined that you will need to pay for your healthcare services and pursue reimbursement from your liability carrier.