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Who's Taking Care of Me?

Your care team will consist of a variety of staff members. Here is who will be taking care of you:

I am a nurse. I provide nursing care important to your treatment and health condition. I carefully check your health needs and work closely with other members of the healthcare team to provide high quality, safe care. I keep your doctor informed about important changes in your health. I give medications, provide treatments, teach you and your family members, and help make certain that your needs are met according to your plan of care.

I am a CNA. I am a Nursing Assistant. I help your nurse to meet your basic care needs. I might take your vital signs or assist the nurse with other care such as helping you bathe, get active or assist you with meals. I help the nurses provide the care you need.

I am laboratory personnel. I may take (draw) blood samples based on your doctor’s orders or work behind-the-scenes to conduct tests on lab samples to help your doctors understand your medical conditions. Laboratory tests help your doctors make accurate diagnoses and check your responses to treatments.

I am a radiology tech. I take various types of images to help your doctor make diagnoses and rule out certain problems. The images I take might include magnetic resonance imagery (MRI), CT scans, ultrasounds, and x-rays.

I am a respiratory therapist. My focus is to support your respiratory needs and perform EKGs. My work includes teaching, breathing tests and treating patients with heart and lung problems. I work closely with other members of the healthcare team to support a number of emergency and critical care needs related to the heart and lungs. I am environmental services personnel. Your experience while you are at the hospital is important to me. I create a safe and clean environment for you, your visitors and families, and our caregivers.

Patient Access (Admitting and Registration): I will make sure to capture your correct information in our record system, making it easy for your care providers to contact you. I will also gather your insurance information or guide you in finding help with your health care costs. When you're in need of an appointment for care, I will make sure to find a time that works for you.

I am a volunteer. We serve throughout the hospital and health system being a kind voice, a caring listener and a helping hand to patients, visitors and staff. You may find us at information desks and waiting rooms, on the nursing units, in our Gift Shops or behind the scenes in the Laboratory or Pharmacy assisting staff with meeting your needs.