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Visitor Hours and Restrictions

Visitors are an important part of the healing process. We try to make visiting as easy and convenient as possible, but we also want to make sure each patient receives enough rest and privacy. There are special guidelines for visitors in each nursing department. Families will be given this information. Depending on the patient's condition, visitors may be asked to limit their time in the patient's room. If you have questions, please ask your nurse.

Patients may have one overnight guest stay with them in their room under most circumstances. A day bed is provided in each patient room to accommodate visitors and family members staying overnight.

Check Patient Status

Patients at Angel Medical Center choose whether they want to be listed in our directory and whether they want to receive calls while in the hospital. If a patient decides to be in the directory, then we can tell callers their room number, otherwise we do not provide any information about their condition.

If a patient does not choose to be listed in the directory, then we must tell anyone who calls for information that we have no listing of a patient of that name. This is determined by federal law designed to protect patient privacy.