Financial Assistance

Mission Health is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing necessary medical care regardless of one's ability to pay.  As part of our commitment to care for and to serve the needs of the community, we have programs to help patients without financial means to pay for their health care services.

Our Financial Assistance Policy

All patients who have or anticipate a bill with Mission Health may apply for financial assistance at any time (before, during or after services).

Our Policy applies to health care services provided throughout all Mission Health locations, including hospitals, physician offices and clinics.

Our policy applies to both patients with and without insurance benefits.

Patients eligible for financial assistance receive discounts off balances owed. Discounts are determined using criteria such as household income, cash/asset and other fund sources available, considered in relation to total amount owed. Based upon these criteria, you may be eligible to receive a 100% (free care), 75%, 62%, 50%, or 25% discount.

To complete the financial assistance application process, you must cooperate fully with Mission Health staff and other potential payers to exhaust the possibility of qualifying for third party payment, such as Medicaid.

Our staff can help you determine if you qualify for these programs.  For further information or to apply, contact our Customer Service Center at (828) 213-1500 or (800) 848-8732