Asthma Management

If you are among the one adult in ten who have problems with breathing, you know how much it affects your life. The number is even higher for children - nearly one in five. In fact, more children in North Carolina miss school because of asthma than any other cause. 

Mission's Health Education Center offers a comprehensive asthma education program to help people deal with all aspects of the disease.  Our goals are that you better understand and live with this chronic condition, be confident and proactive in self managing it, and have the best quality of life possible.

In our asthma management program, you will meet with a nationally certified asthma educator for an initial assessment, including a lung function test called spirometry (spy-ROM-eh-try).  At that point we will help you design an individual Action Plan for caring for yourself. You will learn:

  • what asthma is
  • how it is treated
  • what triggers episodes
  • what your medications are and what they do
  • how to use your medication devices (Small changes in technique can make a big difference in their effectiveness)
  • how to monitor your peak flows, and
  • how to follow your Action Plan.

You may be seen as often as once a month until your care manager feels that your situation is under control. At that point, your visits may be quarterly. You will have the support of your personal care manager until you decide you are ready to leave the program.

Ask your employer whether this program is covered under your health plan.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 828-213-2222, option 2.