Mission CEO & Integrative Healthcare Director speak on healthcare innovations

Voters across North Carolina have chosen Asheville’s growing array of integrative health care services and research programs as one of 11 innovative topics to be presented at the upcoming annual Institute for Emerging Issues Summit – and three Mission Hospital leaders will be there to share the story.

The Institute gathered information about more than 70 innovative programs and services from around the state, ranging from mobile dental care to changing the culture in nursing homes, to consider how their successes can be implemented more widely. The public was invited to vote on which ones offered the best potential for improving health and creating new jobs. Of these, the winning 11 were identified for discussion at the 26th Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Institute for Emerging Issues summit, being held Feb. 7 and 8 in Raleigh. More than 1,200 leaders in various fields are expected to attend.

Among Mission participants from Asheville are Ronald A. Paulus, M.D., MBA, President and CEO of Mission Health System, and Lourdes Lorenz, MSN, RN, Director of the Integrative Healthcare Department at Mission Hospital, which offers therapies such as guided imagery, healing touch, and pet therapy to patients. Other Asheville initiatives in the presentation include the Bent Creek Institute which is researching medicinal and therapeutic properties of vegetation unique to the region, and the HUB Alliance of Asheville. Dr. Paulus is among the group of panelists who will lead a discussion on how the 11 selected innovations can be used more widely to deliver better care, lower costs, and create new, higher-paying jobs across the state.

Lorenz will lead the breakout discussion session on Asheville’s integrative health care initiatives. Danna Park, MD, Medical Director of Integrative Healthcare at Mission, will attend the session.

Services of the Mission Integrative Healthcare program, established in 2008, are available to all inpatients.  The services uses safe, evidence-based therapies that are integrated into the patient's treatment plan.  Benefits include reduced pain and anxiety as well as improvements in sleep and overall well being.  To date, the department has provided consultations for more than 5,500 patients.