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Mission Stands with You

At Mission Health, our #1 priority is YOU, our patients.  We’re committed to keeping you updated on the contract issue with Blue Cross NC. We want to ensure you have the resources and tools you need to understand this complicated issue.

If you are insured by Blue Cross, know that Mission Stands with You.

What you need to know:

  • Your coverage remains the same until at least October 5, 2017
  • Emergency care is NOT affected
  • Your ACCESS to care is NOT affected. Your health plan COVERAGE MAY change
  • Out-of-network rates are controlled by Blue Cross NC, not Mission Health
  • Which providers and plans are affected
  • Blue Cross Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medigap plans) are NOT affected.
  • Should Blue Cross NC force us out of network, Mission has a plan in place to help our patients directly. 
  • Mission’s #1 priority is our patients
  • Our doctors, nurses and social workers are doing all they can to ensure Blue Cross NC patients have ongoing in-network access to high-quality care.

What you need to do:

  • Find out if you are directly impacted – call the number on the back of your insurance card to understand your unique situation
  • Check to see if your current care plan is covered after October 5 - call Blue Cross NC at 1(800) 446-8053
  • Have a care plan currently in place? Call Blue Cross NC at 1 (800) 446-8053 to document it and ensure you keep your coverage.
  • Know your options – Ask your employer to tell Blue Cross NC, “Keep My Mission Doctor IN NETWORK”
  • Help your family, friends and neighbors understand this critical issue by sharing this page
  • If you need to see a Mission Health provider or have a procedure, we encourage you to
    connect with your provider or practice and let them know you are a Blue Cross NC
    patient. We are working to get every patient who needs to be seen an appointment
    before October 5.

What Mission Health is doing:

  • We are continuing work to convince Blue Cross NC to continue talks and negotiations. It takes two of us to negotiate and we have unfortunately been unsuccessful in getting them to take our calls.
  • We are working to keep any patient disruption to a minimum by working with you on your plan for care.
  • If Blue Cross NC forces our patients out of network as soon as October 5, we have a plan to assist Blue Cross NC patients with prompt payment discounts and payment methods.
  • We will be assisting our patients in navigating consumer protection laws that allow them to seek critical services, including heart surgery, pediatric specialty services, high-risk maternity services and others.
  • Physician practices as well as surgery schedulers are connecting with Blue Cross NC patients to reschedule appointments prior to October 5.
  • Our on-demand primary care locations are always available for walk-in appointments. These locations offer extended and weekend hours.
  • Orthopedic care is available with walk-in and extended hours at various locations.
  • Specialty clinics are ensuring Blue Cross NC patient access is a priority before October 5.
  • Mission Health will be offering opportunities for Blue Cross NC patients to speak one-on- one with social workers to understand their unique options for continued plan coverage.
  • Look for updates on these opportunities!

If you are a Blue Cross NC patient and have questions about your health plan coverage through (or after) October 5, please call (828) 417-0480.

How to be heard:

  • Use social media to tell Blue Cross NC not to take away your doctor
  • Make your voice heard – call Blue Cross NC at 1(800) 446-8053 and ask them to return to the negotiating table for the people of western North Carolina to keep their doctors
  • Talk to your employer – Mission Health has contracts with 14 other insurers that keep Mission providers IN NETWORK. It’s not too late to ask your human resources representative to make a different choice
  • Stand up for your needs if you’re on the exchange. Ask Blue Cross NC to return to the table to negotiate so you can keep your doctors IN NETWORK

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