Quit Tobacco

Quit tobacco: with the right help, you can

Tobacco is the most common of all addictive substances and a cause of preventable disease and premature death. Our doctors keenly understand that to help the people of our community avoid a variety of cancers and diseases, we need to help them quit tobacco.

Mission Hospital's nicotine dependence program has a high success rate in helping people get off and stay off tobacco. We know it’s not easy, but with the help of our supportive team it’s possible. And it’s vitally important for your health and wellness. Our program offers a combination of counseling, group classes, and medication when necessary, to help you realize your goal of becoming tobacco free.

Services offered by the nicotine dependence program include:

  • Freedom From Tobacco classes
  • Assistance with smokeless tobacco cessation
  • Office consults
  • Instructional classes and consults for medical professionals and businesses
  • Mindfulness Training for Smokers

Additional resources can be found at http://www.planmyquit.com/index.aspx?cmp=MissionNicotineDependenceProgram.  You will find helpful videos from an ex-smoker and trained Tobacco Treatment Specialist.  There are additional materials that can be downloaded and used while preparing to quit and during the quit process. 

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