Lighten Up 4 Life

Lighten Up 4 Life:  community weight loss challenge

Most of us don’t usually think of trying to lose weight as something fun and social. Yet, Mission Health’s Lighten Up 4 Life is just this. Developed by our extraordinary health professionals, this effective and light-hearted weight loss competition encourages improved nutrition, exercise and social interaction. You may register for one or all three 16-week trimesters for enjoyable, ongoing weight loss support.

The competition: lose and win!

A free Mission Health service, Lighten Up 4 Life invites organizations and the wider community to form teams of four people who will compete for prizes, awarded to those who lose the greatest percentage of body weight. Winning teams will be announced at the end of each trimester and yearly.

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There are many people who want to lose weight. Put a team together and join us on the path to becoming healthier and happier. Visit to sign up today.

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