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Economic Impact

The Impact of Mission Health

The annual economic impact of Mission Health includes the creation of approximately 12,767 jobs, $335 million in earnings, and an impact on the regional economy valued at $976 million. The additional activity generates approximately $59 million in additional indirect business tax revenue and $13 million in additional state-level income tax.

The economic impact report examines Mission Health's economic contribution to both the Buncombe-Madison local economy and the larger 18-county regional economy. Read the full report.

Employment & Income

About 1 in every 16 jobs in the Buncombe-Madison area, and about 1 in every 39 jobs in the 18- county region, can be attributed to Mission Healths. This represents about 6.3 percent of overall employment in Buncombe-Madison economy. The total impact on jobs in the Buncombe-Madison region includes:

  • An increase of 1,367 jobs in business services such as research and development, management services, consulting, accounting and advertising.
  • An increase of 767 jobs related to the construction and maintenance of buildings and roads.
  • An increase of 691 in recreational services such as lodging, restaurants and entertainment.

The additional $333 million of labor income generated by Mission Health activities constitute about 6.3 percent of the total income in the Buncombe-Madison area.

Economic Activity

Mission Health generates about $963 million of economic activity in the Buncombe- Madison local economy. This represents about 5.9 percent of the overall economic activity in the Buncombe-Madison economy, which translates to $1 in every $17 of economic activity can be attributed to Mission. Mission generates about $976 million in economic activity in the 18-county region, which includes $305 million of retail and wholesale trade activity, $171 million in health and education services, and $71 million in construction activity.

Tax Revenues

The increased economic activity arising from the presence and operation of Mission Health led to $58 million in additional indirect business taxes to local governments and $12 million in additional state-level income tax revenue.