Physical Therapy

No matter what level of limitation you face-severe injury, minor nagging ache, post-surgery rehabilitation-physical therapy is the road back to a normal life. We work together to get you back to work, playing with your kids and simply enjoying life again. Physical therapists are the experts to turn to when quality of life is at risk.

The Mission Rehabilitation Fitness Center includes a fully-equipped physical therapy department staffed by certified specialists to focus on your unique needs. Our therapists treat the complete range of orthopedic conditions including strains, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, and fractures. We also successfully implement physical therapy to help heal back and neck pain, overuse injuries, balance problems, post-surgical conditions, Lymphedema, pelvic pain and incontinence.

Free Consultation for Minor Injuries

A licensed physical therapist will provide a quick 15 minute assessment of your minor injuries and offer advice to guide your next step. We focus on self-care strategies with recommendations for follow-up care if your condition doesn't improve. This service is offered at our main facility on Biltmore Avenue and at our Weaverville clinic (see below for addresses and phone numbers). Please call on the day you would like to come in.  Please seek immediate help from your physician, an urgent care center, or hospital emergency department if you have severe pain, swelling, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, or can't move or use the injured area.

Exceptional Staff

The professionals you'll meet in Mission Hospital's Physical Therapy Department are highly experienced and prepared to work with you one-on-one to evaluate your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan. Our staff includes board certified specialists in orthopedic, women's health and geriatric physical therapy and therapists certified in Ergonomic Evaluation, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, and Lymphedema Therapy. We also have a therapist who is a USA Cycling Level II Coach. All our therapists participate in continuing education to support your health with cutting-edge treatment. View our Exceptional Staff of certified specialists here.

Specialized Treatment

Physical therapy services at Mission Rehabilitation Fitness Center cover a continuum of care tailored to meet each person's treatment goal. We provide:

  • Body Mechanics: Individualized training on safe movement focusing on proper posture, movement and positioning during lifting, sitting, work station and work related ergonomics. Our ergonomics programs help you avoid repetitive use injuries.
  • Exercise Program Development: Highly customized exercises developed for each individual, their unique problem and medical needs.
  • Hands-on therapy: Move and manipulate joints, targeted soft tissue treatment.
  • Ultrasound: Uses thermal deep heating to affect and decrease inflammation.
  • Mechanical traction: Therapy to treat neck and back issues and decrease pain in spine related arm and leg pain.
  • Electric Stimulation: Reduces pain, strengthens and retrains muscles.
  • Biofeedback: Proven technique used to support physical therapy, improve muscle function, and increase muscle strength. 

You can count on our therapists to teach techniques for self-treatment and help develop home exercise programs so you can maintain optimal function. We rise above the ordinary with specialized programs:

  • Pelvic-floor Dysfunction: Therapists with advanced training treat pelvic pain and incontinence for men, women and children using targeted exercise and state-of-the-art biofeedback equipment to retrain muscles.

    If you are having concerns about these conditions for yourself or a loved one, you can use the following assesments to start a discussion with your primary care physician:

    Please bring the assessment to your next appointment concerning these issues.

  • Obstetric Physical Therapy: Therapy and education to sooth pain related to pregnancy and vaginal birth
  • Lymphedema Therapy: Gentle hands-on treatment by Certified Lymphedema Therapists to improve lymphedema and other types of chronic swelling.
  • McKenzie Method: Certified specialist in the McKenzie Method available to assess and treat mechanical issues that cause back, neck and leg pain.
  • Runner's Clinic: Custom services for runners. Video analysis of your running gait, programs to improve form and strength, selection of proper footwear, and hands-on therapy will keep you in top-notch shape.
  • Bike Fit Program: Cyclists of all ages and levels can improve performance and heal or prevent injuries. Services include professional coaching from a USA Cycling Level II Coach, advanced medical bike fitting, skills development, and evaluation and treatment of injuries.
  • Fall Prevention Program: Evaluate, identify and address risk factors to reduce falls and fall-related injuries.
  • Inpatient Services

Fitness Center 

Mission's Physical Therapy Department maintains a full-service fitness center for you to use during your rehabilitation. Everyone using our physical therapy services can seamlessly transition out of formal therapy and into a maintenance program by joining the fitness center. The center is equipped with elliptical trainers, treadmills, bikes, Nu step, free weights and weight machines, balance trainers, exercise balls, and a bike fit station with Computrainer.

For Children

Pediatric physical therapy services are also available through Mission Children's Hospital and the Olsen Huff Center. Click here to learn more.

Appointments for Physical Therapy Services

If  you would like an initial appointment or have a referral from your physician for physical therapy, please call Mission Hospital's One Call Scheduling at 828-213-2222 and then press 2.   If you'd like more information please use our online form to contact us or call the Mission Rehabilitation Services  at 828-213-0850. 

Mission offers a rehab clinic in Weaverville, NC. Schedule appointments through One Call Scheduling or call the Weaverville Office at (828) 645-6925. 

Referrals and Insurance Coverage

Physician referral is required for the Pelvic floor dysfunction or Lymphedema program or for those covered by Medicare and Medicaid.  Otherwise we do not require a physician referral for physical therapy services but your insurance carrier may, so please check with them to verify your benefits and clarify their requirements. We file all types of insurance and we can help with referrals if necessary. 

Rehabilitation and Fitness Center Locations:

Mission Rehab with Fitness Center -  Main Facility

534 Biltmore Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-213-0850

CarePartners - Reynolds Mountain (North Asheville)

40 North Merrimon Ave., suite 30
Asheville, NC 28804
Phone: 828-281-0754
Fax: 828-254-8764 (to fax referrals)


Athletics Dept., Justice Center, CPO #2600
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804-8513
Phone: 828-251-6480
For UNCA students, student athletes, faculty, and staff

My Care Plus - Candler

1388 Sand Hill Road
Candler, NC 28715
Phone: 828-213-5335