Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine helps you and your health care team choose the right drug, at the right dose, with the least side effects, to help treat your medical condition. 
Using your genetic make-up, several tests are now available, many covered by health insurance, to help select the drug that’s best for you.
Personalized Medicine brings these potential benefits to you and your family:
Safer and more effective medication to treat your condition
Medications that work better, with less side effects
Decreased hospitalizations due to severe side effects from drugs
Decreased cost of care 
Personalized Medicine is not just about predicting response to drugs, it’s about enhancing your health. In the future this will include helping to predict, hopefully prevent and treat common diseases in children and adults. 
Mission Health’s Personalized Medicine Program is developing many services to help you and your physician.
For more information, please call us at 828-213-0025.
Lynn G. Dressler, Dr.P.H.
Director, Personalized Medicine
Mission Health
Fullerton Genetics Center
Asheville, NC 28803