Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA): gentler on your body

Another powerful weapon in Mission Hospital’s arsenal to fight cancer, RFA allows us to treat tumors with heat generated by radio waves. With this procedure you will have little or no pain after treatment and likely resume normal activity within a week. Formerly used to treat pain by nerve destruction, Mission Hospital now uses RFA to provide a safe, minimally invasive and effective treatment for tumors of the liver, lung, kidney, bone and other complex surgical areas.

What to expect

After you receive general anesthesia or medication, your physician will slip a needle-like electrode probe through the skin into the tumor. Once the probe is in place, a strong electrical current is used to generate radio waves. These waves heat up the tissue enough to kill the cancerous cells, but not enough to affect the surrounding tissue. During treatment, you have no awareness of the procedure. The body gradually absorbs the tumor tissue that has been treated.

At Mission Hospital, radiofrequency ablation procedures are currently performed by:

  • David Moore, MD, Radiologist. Asheville Radiology Associates
  • Andy Brown MD, Radiologist. Asheville Radiology Associates
  • Bryon Dickerson MD, Radiologist. Asheville Radiology Associates
  • Paul Ahearne, MD, Surgeon. Regional Surgical Specialists