PET/CT Diagnostic Scan

PET/CT scanning: diagnostic accuracy

Mission Hospital offers this extraordinary technology because it helps us save and improve more lives. With the help of the PET/CT scanner, our physicians now know more than ever about what is happening inside our bodies. This means they are more likely to find cancer or brain disorders earlier.

A winning combination of two technologies

Studies have shown that PET/CT scanning is 33% more likely to accurately detect a tumor than if PET and CT scans are performed separately. That’s why we use them together in the same procedure. And, compared to MRI scanning, which detects only 52% of tumors, PET/CT catches 80% of tumors.

A revolutionary hybrid of two technologies, PET/CT is a combination of both Positron Emission Technology (PET) and x-ray Computed Tomography (CT). These technologies together show doctors more about what is happening to our cells. And when cancer or brain disorders are involved, that’s vitally important.

What to expect

PET/CT scanning is a relatively comfortable, painless procedure. While the entire process takes about 2 hours, from arriving at the hospital to being able to go home, the actual scan only takes 30-45 minutes.