Nurse Graduate Employment

Mission Health employs recent nursing graduates in a variety of departments on an as-needed basis throughout the year. New graduate nurses can expect an individualized orientation, usually lasting twelve weeks, or longer, in a single nursing department. The orientation is designed to facilitate new graduate nurses' entry into practice and the transition from an academic to a clinical setting. 

The principal components of the orientation are:

  • Continuing Nursing Education,  including classroom experience, simulation, and written competency assessments required in some areas
  • Precepted clinical experience
  • Skills labs

For more information on the upcoming 2014 New Grad RN Cohort, please click here.


You will only be considered for position for which you meet basic qualifications. Only those applicants who meet the minimal qualifications will be forwarded to the hiring manager for consideration.

No. You must have a valid NC nursing license (or a multistate nursing license from a compact state) before you are able to start work. We must be able to obtain online verification of your RN licensure.

You may apply to up to 3 positions at any one time.

Go to the Mission Hospital Search All Jobs Page

  • Select Nursing from the category box, and select Mission Hospital from the Job Location box 
  • Follow the instructions for application by providing cover letter and resume.

RN graduate positions become available throughout the year in a variety of departments. 

No. You may apply before you pass boards.

Any nurse who has graduated from an accredited nursing school and has less than one year of nursing experience.