About Us

We believe that patient and family-centered care is the best approach to achieve successful outcomes in health care, and the cornerstones of that approach are dignity and respect. Equally important are information sharing, participation, and collaboration.

Patients, families, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals form a partnership that benefits everyone. We define a family member as anyone the patient designates as important. Families are not just visitors; they are essential in patient care and decision-making.

Every staff member at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital is dedicated to this approach. We combine patient-centered care with modern medicine, advanced technology, compassion, and care provided by loved ones to reach our ultimate goal—to provide the best care and outcomes for patients.

Our mission is clear:

We exist to identify and respond to the health and wellness needs of the region, partnering with patients, families and friends through a comprehensive approach to healing that ministers to the mind, body and spirit.