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As we say goodbye to winter, spring is a great time to reflect on your wellness practices, including eating. When it comes to health, I am a proponent of a lifestyle, as opposed to a diet. Morrison, the food service contractor for Mission Health... read more
There is a new way for some employees to see a doctor without losing significant pay and at the same time, the employer maintains productivity.  Watch the WLOS News 13 health alert here. 
Progress continues on Blue Ridge Regional Hospital’s new medical office building, with a completion date set for this summer. 
It is quite amazing to consider how much our bones have to grow during the first 14 to 18 years of life in order to get us to our full adult size. Not only do our bones have to grow, but the muscles, ligaments, nerves and arteries also have... read more
As athletes, or parents of child athletes, you may have suffered at one point from some form of heat-related illness and fatigue. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are unfortunately common. Each year, athletes from various sports and at... read more