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The designation, made last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, means that at least 6.8 percent of all deaths reported during the previous week were due to flu or pneumonia. “About half the country is experiencing high... read more
The first baby born at Mission Hospital in 2015 wasn't exactly an early arrival. Ezekiel Scott Davidson has no way of knowing, but he just won a contest.  "He was born at 6:59 a.m.," Hunter said. "We were really surprised that he was the... read more
There's a new method being used to help those recovering from surgery better. This new method is so simple and one of the benefits is that it only takes 15 minutes for per session.
How does a culture combat an entity that cannot be seen? Start with awareness of the issue. “As humans, we all have bias,” says Dr. Rebecca Bernstein of Mission Health. “It doesn’t make us bad people, but when that bias affects how... read more
Has your child ever suffered an injury that made you wonder how injuries in growing children are different than injuries seen in adults? Have you ever worried that your young athlete could end up with some injury that could affect... read more