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According to the American Cancer Society, every year more than 200,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Annual screening for breast cancer has been proven to save women’s lives. Thanks to early detection, there are thousands of... read more
The Mission Heart Advanced Cardiac Clinic is here to help give life back to those who never imagined feeling better -- much less recovering.  Thanks to the services offered and available through this clinic, patient Jean Matzke is doing a lot better... read more
Mission Hospital and Buncombe County have come up with a new birth certificate system that can be done right from the new baby's hospital room. The hospital will have an internet connection with the Register of Deeds office. That way,... read more
CarePartners relies on more than 280 volunteers to help care for dying patients and their families. They perform everything from fundraising to answering the phone to listening to patients. Now, the call is going out for more help. Retirees Linda... read more
Mission Health's Shearon Roberts, Genetics Counselor, on left, and Lynn Dressler, Director of Personalized Medicine, on right, speak with host, Mark Starling of 570 WWNC about the improvements in treatments and outcomes due to... read more
Posted on Apr 23, 2015
Posted on Apr 23, 2015