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The walls of the corridors and patient rooms throughout Mission Hospital display the natural beauty of Western North Carolina, and other similar images. And according to new research from Clemson University, that could be just what the... read more
With 12 million older adults falling every year and the number rising, we need to be more proactive in helping to prevent falls. Medication management, annual eye exams, addressing how aging changes our bodies and home modifications... read more
When my second child was born, my 4-year-old daughter couldn't wait to take on her role as big sister. We had talked during the pregnancy about all the things she could do once her brother arrived, and she was ready to go. Becoming the... read more
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breast-feeding for baby's first six months. That's because mother's milk is the best thing for your baby, and it's good for mothers as well. Breast milk provides the perfect mix... read more
Mission Health is pleased to announce the opening of a new, woman-centric obstetrics, gynecology, and midwifery practice in Sylva and Bryson City. Elizabeth A. England, MD, has joined Mission Health and Mission Medical... read more