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Sophie Magazine MAKING MEDICINE PERSONAL December 01, 2014    Posted by Robert A. Poarch  Photography by Ryan Chambers    photoWhen young Lynn G. Dressier was tearing off the legs of bugs to look... read more
Mission's Children's Hospital is returning to its home at the hospital's Memorial Campus after months of renovations. Improvements to the hospital include upgraded playrooms and support care closer to patient's rooms. The hospital is also more family... read more
Having a heart procedure can be scary, and getting back into life afterward often comes with apprehension and questions. One local doctor makes time to be there at a critical place. A person that's already had a heart attack is at the highest risk... read more
Second graders from Claxton Elementary spread Christmas joy with their handmade miniature Christmas trees.  The elementary school students specially visited CarePartners in Asheville and were greeted with cheers as they paraded in while carrying... read more
Seven Highway Patrol troopers played the role of Santa at Mission Children's Hospital Tuesday night, bringing gifts and smiles to children.  Troopers went door to door delivering presents to 16 children in the pediatrics unit.  "Some of these... read more