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Summer days are nearing their end and back-to-school errands are at the top of many parents' "to do" list. As we prepare our kids and teens for school (or squeeze in a last vacation of the season), it's a good time to review general... read more
Weight loss can be time consuming but the follow-up appointments do not have to be. Telehealth, the method of providing health care, health information, and health education across a distance, ensures that these... read more
Remembering Adelaide Daniels Key "Well-known for her many philanthropic endeavors, she founded and sustained The Rathbun Center, a non-profit that provides lodging and other... read more
Rodney Johnson from Simpsonville, S.C. seemed to be in great physical shape.  The 47 year old was physically active, with working out and bike riding as activities of choice.  But on 2/22/14, Rodney was in the middle of an 85 mile bike hike with some... read more
North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper came to Asheville recently to specifically speak with leaders of Mission Health.  In an effort to see jobs saved, Cooper asked that Medicaid funding be restored.  Full story here.