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Medical appointments for little Liam can be taxing, especially for his parents. He has Cerebral Palsy. Liam's father Tristan Arrowood says his family has to work their schedule around appointments. "Either I have to work third shift instead of... read more
patient stories
I sit here in a semi-dark hospital room and look out into a lighted hallway as the world goes by. This is the surgical floor of Mission Hospital. Evening has come, and the sights and sounds are slowing down.  From this perspective, I can see clearly that the world is rarely what you think you see.  
Breast cancer strikes at millions of people every year. There are the 296,000 women who will be diagnosed with the disease, women whose lives will be changed forever. So will the lives of their parents, children, husbands and others.... read more
If you’re a man, you’ve probably noticed the TV commercials for low T — aka low testosterone. They usually feature a middle aged man complaining about his low sexual drive. These ads seem to be everywhere. And, they appear to be working... read more